How is web designing progressing with time?

How is web designing progressing with time? How has web design changed over the years?

The first major change has been web design to work with mobile devices. Mobile ready websites are those that work as well on cell phones and tables as personal computers. Websites have had to make this shift simply to keep up with mobile users, since over half of all searches occur on mobile devices like smart phones.

This has affected web page design in several ways. The drop-down menus are increasingly replaced by a few prominent buttons as easy to select on a touch screen as with a mouse. The pop-up windows promoting something are replaced by banners or simple funnel pages.

The second shift has been driven by the artificial intelligences behind search engines. Your website can’t rely on repetition of key search terms. It has to match the context the search engines think the search query has. Website design itself also affects search engine ranking. Websites with knowledge graphs, a variety of context related meta tags, rich snippets and other features search engines like rank higher. HTML5, too, is nearly a necessity for high SERP rankings while Adobe Flash is disappearing for the same reason. Slow load times driven by too much rich media or insufficient resources hurt your website’s rankings.

A third way web design has changed over time is social media integration. Surrey web design states that web designers always want to put social media sharing buttons on web pages so that people share those links and improve the site’s search engine results because they did so. Another change has been the integration of social media accounts with website updates. When new content is published on someone’s website, the link is automatically shared on the company’s social media accounts. The odds of the links being selected is improved by the URLs including the title of the content in easily readable form. Bity links still get used, especially on Twitter, but not when content is shared through other social networking sites.

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