What are favored tools of web designers?

What are favored tools of web designers?

Over the last couple of years, several design tools have entered the designing world. And given their potential and footprint, Photoshop has been loosing the most favored tool status from the web designer community. Here’s a quick glance at the most popular and favored tools of today’s web designer


Developers sometimes find it difficult to code a website from a given PSD or any other design. Avocado has come to their rescue by providing a plugin for Photoshop user that allows them to sync their PSD into Avocado with a click of a mouse. Avocado then analyses the PSD and arranges it in to a nicely designed UI. The control to export the assets now lies completely in the developer’s hands.


Another beautiful tool for designing responsive websites and app design prototypes is Antetype. It helps you design high quality prototypes and not the actual production files. The most amazing fact of Antetype is that it can create a responsive prototype that can be used for client presentations. Its drag-and-drop feature might not appeal you readily, but given its low key UI and the drag and drop feature will speed up your prototyping time.


The list wouldn’t have been complete if Sketch was not included in it. This tool, introduced back in 2009 has gained immense popularity because it improved the exporting of asses and simplified the vector modes. The newly added grid tools makes your grid based designs a very easy process and by incorporating CSS logic, it has eased the design to CSS conversion process. The new version comes loaded with the automatic slicing which exports from 0.5x to 3x and in formats like PNG, JPG, TIFF, etc.

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